Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Yard Blooms

Now that grandparents have been in town for a week you are allowed to see photos of our home and gardens from more than three inches away. This is fortunate because I know you come to this blog to see pictures of flowers rather than adorable little children - right? The gardens are starting to look really nice and it feels great to finally get our yard into shape after a crazy spring and early summer, so that you can see photos of children in the yard.

Here's one view of the back yard:

The larkspur in front of the house is going gangbusters! I'm all for flowers that reseed themselves every year without any encouragement from me. Of course, this means that if I ever want to remove them from the garden I'm in big trouble, so I'll likely just stay with a larkspur garden for the next four decades.

The flowers and lavender in the back are doing well, too. I'm so glad that our perennial low-water gardens are filling in and maturing; they're a low-maintenance dream.

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