Sunday, October 20, 2019

My New Cat

Hi I'm Sasha and I'm going to talk about my new cat Quinn. So I've been wanting a cat for a long time but my parents wanted me to do some research before I got one. So I went to a library and got some books on cats and I read about different types of cats, what you need for a cat, what cats were good with dogs, etc.

Then what I did is I went to petco with my mom and sister and we went to go look at the cats and we found Quinn. We played with her and why we were playing with her the woman that came in with us was telling my mom about her and about us. After we were finished me and Ying and mom thought that Quinn was a good match so she gave us an application of her to take home and fill out. But before we filled it out we had to talk to our dad because there were some things he wanted to figure out before I took the application back.

After I took it back we had to wait for the people to look over it. For me that was really hard because I wanted Quinn really bad. Finally Sunday afternoon when we were watching a movie I got a text on my phone and I was so exited. Basically the girl of the company of cats wanted to ask a few questions before we knew for sure we got Quinn. After we answered the questions, the girl was like alright we will text you as soon as we know our answer. Then late Sunday night mom got a text that we were able to adopt Quinn but I didn't know that until Monday morning.

I was so exited to get Quinn that evening at 5:00 so at school I told my friends and teachers all about it. Then after school I went home and I waited, but then I got a text and the girl said it wont be until 5:30 to get her but I thought that was fine as long as I was able to get her. Then at 5:25 I rode my bike to Petco with my money I saved 150 dollars for her.

 At Petco I went around looking for the supplies I would need but I didn't buy it because when you got the cat you also got super good coupons. When mom got there the woman got there like five minutes after mom I was so exited. When we went in to get Quinn I had to read a paper and then sign it to agree I would do those thing. But before we took her to the car we went and bought the supplies. But I didn't buy the collar until my sister came cause she wanted to help me choose it. Then we went and put the collar on her and put her in a cardboard crate and went home.

That's how I got my new named Quinn and now I will show you some pictures of our journey of getting her.
This is me holding the box with her in it when we went home
This is my first time holding her when we got home
Another one but with her sitting up
My sister holding her at home on the couch
One more but she wasn't looking at the camera because 
she was interested in the dogs
This is Chen trying to get closer to Quinn but couldn't get on the couch
 This is Quinn and Chen having a starring contest
This is one of Quinn's favorite places to stay in the house
This is one more place she likes to stay. This is our bookshelf in the room
When she is on the bookshelf she likes to hide at the back
This is Quinn on her new cat condo by my bed
This is her laying on the top layer chilling out
Finally this is wanying holding Quinn why she is looking  over her shoulder starring at the dogs

Now that you've seen her I wanted to talk to you guys a little about her. When we first had her she did a lot of hiding because of the dogs and she wasn't use to the house. But after a week or two she didn't hide as much.

 Some things I like about having Quinn are with the cat condo by my bed she can get up to my bed then cross over the two bookshelf's to Ying's bed. Which means that she can choose who she wants to be with in the day.  Or she can chill in either bed.

Another thing is that she's a cat that likes to be held and snuggled and likes to play and explore. She is also just really good company to have around because if you have nothing to do or don't want to do anything you can play with the cat.

A cat though to me is a LOT of responsibility because you need to make sure she gets some play time, and you feed her. The worst part is cleaning out the litter box. The first month we had it in our room and it would sometimes stink the room up. But other than that having Quinn is great I love her and she loves me.

Thank you for reading this blog.


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