Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Snowbird Oktoberfest Staycation

Last weekend we enjoyed a fabulous staycation up at the Snowbird Oktoberfest. It sure is amazing how a hotel room, a few beers, activity wristbands for the kids, and 24 hours away from home can transform a weekend into a vacation!

Schnitzel, wurst, and strudel abounded!
And the kids put their activity passes to very good use!

WanYing did the tower drop over... and over... and over - the girl has no fear!
The rock wall was super popular, too
Sam shows off his bungee-flip skills
All this and a hot tub, too!
And on day 2 we thought we'd put our brand new season passes to work by riding the tram!
Top of the world!
Now, bring on ski season!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Sasha Rides a Century

by Sasha

last weekend i rode the Goldilocks bike ride on Saturday September 24 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Goldilocks has the option of  riding  20 miles 40 miles 60 miles 80 miles or a 100 miles. Me and my mom did 100 miles on the tandem. it was fun but hard.

before we were able to ride Goldilocks we had to train for it the trail we trained on is called the Murdock we were able to do 60 miles before Goldilocks came.

before we started riding Goldilocks at starting line i felt scared that we wouldn't going to be able to do 100miles.

the weather at Goldilocks was really rainy and cold we had to where two layers of coats. i rode with my grandma and the hardest part of the ride was this canyon that was pretty but it had some big hills. my favorite view was when we were riding by a field of flowers the funniest part of the bike ride was when a herd of cows were in the road and we had to get off are bike then get back on. when we finineshed the ride there were people cheering for us for example my dad [who is crazy] my sister and some strangers.

This picture is before we started the ride we wanted to take a before picture and a after picture.

This picture is when we started and a photographer when we were almost to the second stop
This picture was when we just climbed a big hill and riding along the lake with a pretty view
this picture was when the photographer took a picture of us while we were riding along the lake and looking for seagulls
this picture was when we fineshed the ride and we were so happy we were able to do 100 miles

Friday, September 30, 2016

Tour de Donut Tour de Force

It's a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime feeling when you find that perfect athletic event, that perfect challenge that pushes you to your limits and back again. The event that showcases the unique balance of skills and God-given talent that makes you you; almost like it was designed just for you. The event you dominate, almost without even trying.

For us, the Utah Tour de Donut is just such an event.

Last year, you'll recall, Steve and I killed it in the tandem division. Seeing as tandem was no longer a challenge, this year we decided to pull together a 5-man team with our good friends from Team C4C.

Spoiler alert: we dominated.

Ben entered in a bit of an underdog category: The Unicycle Division.

(no, there was not actually a unicycle division, although we're officially petitioning for one next year)

He completed one 7.5 mile loop, which is pretty freaking amazing. 

He wasn't fast. But what he lacked in speed, he made up for in style out the wazoo. Aero helmet. Full cycling kit. Birkenstocks. The boy rocked it.
What, you ask, is the Utah Tour de Donut? Glad you asked.

The race is an event that combines cycling prowess with grotesque amounts of donut consumption. The race itself is a timed event with three 7-mile loops. After loops one and two, the athletes stop to eat donuts. Three minutes is deducted from your total time for each donut consumed. It's beautifully simple; nauseatingly difficult.

Oh, and it all benefits the Rotary Club and a local food bank, which is pretty cool. But not as cool as the glow of glorious victory!!!

How did we fare? Well, Steve ate an inspirational 17 donuts, and I held my own with 8. The Donut Queen (most donuts consumed by a woman) ate 9, so Steve was pretty disappointed that I didn't manage to down one or two more and earn that title. I'm just glad I didn't toss my cookies donuts.

Team C4C had an extraordinary showing with 8 medals overall. We were the first-place team, and I won second place for my age group and second place woman overall! My mom won for her age group as well.

And there were no "reversals" and all smiles at the finish - so I think it's safe to say that a very good time was had by all!


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