Friday, April 20, 2018

Reflections on Serving: WanYing

(age 9)

The Mexico trip is very fun. You go down to the orphanage and you get to help out and spend time with kids, do crafts with them. It's really fun because you get to hang out with the kids and it's just fun because you get to make friendships and stuff.

My favorite day was where the kids made picture frames and we took pictures of them with a Polaroid camera and every kid got one picture and they could hang it up on their beds or do whatever they wanted to because it had a little magnet on the back. It was really special because I got to take pictures with my camera and all the kids got a little present from us.

There was a Easter egg hunt and there's like a thousand eggs and we hid them and then the kids came out and got the eggs and that day the craft was making little bags with decorations and stuff on it so you could put the Easter eggs in there.

I want to go back because it was really fun, you got to hang out with a lot of kids and do crafts with them and help them out and just support them and help the caregivers.

Reflections on Serving: Jamie

This was my 6th year leading a group of folks from CenterPoint Church, Utah down to Colima, Mexico to serve at the Hogar de Amor orphanage and each year God does something a little bit new, a little bit uncomfortable, and a whole lot deeper in me.

I'll level with you: The trip is kind of a lot of work to put together. It turns out that arranging travel and logistics in a foreign country for 26 people of all ages and backgrounds is tough. And stressful. So why? Why do it at all?

Because I can't imagine not doing it.

Because my family gets to travel with our church family to visit our Mexico family.

Because it's not a visit; it's a reunion.

When we first started this trip, we did it for the kids: our kids and the kids of Hogar de Amor. I have two kids adopted internationally, and it was really important to me to keep our family connected to what it means to be a kid in institutional care. Adoption, the fatherless, kids in need are such an intimate, essential part of our family's story. Adoption is how God expresses his relationship to us: chosen and pursued and cherished (much more about that here).

Over the years, God has used Hogar de Amor to break down my performance-driven tendencies and focus on relationship. The walls we paint will get dirty again and the curtains we sew will rip and the crafts the kids make will get thrown away.

But the relationships we make;

the sure and certain knowledge we leave the caregivers with that they are supported, prayed for, and never ever alone in this work;

the kids knowing that they're worth coming back for year after year after year

that lasts.

And I get to be a little part of it.
Love...  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Last Resort

by Sasha

Finishing all the resorts for this year felt great! So this year was are goal to hit all 14 resorts in Utah with my fifth grade yeti pass.The first resort we went to was Snowbird for my first ski team race. Next was then Park City for another race then another race at Sundance then me my brother, mom, and grandparents went to Powder, Snowbasin and Nordic Valley. Then another race at Brian Head and then we went to all of the other resorts just for fun days. We mostly got powder on some of them.

My favorite resorts we went were Powder Mountain, Beaver, Sundance, and Deer Valley. Those were some of my favorites because I got to ski with my family on them and sometimes I didn't have races so we were just skiing for fun and they had good food.

Here are some pictures from the resorts (captions by Mom).

Of course, our year started at Sundance!
Happiness is kids who aren't afraid of "experts only" signs!
Sasha racing on her home turf
WanYing racing at Sundance
It was a rough season, but worth it (this is WanYing's race group hiking out of Bishop's)
Next stop: Snowbird
Sasha at a YSL GS race
And some beautiful free-skiing with Sasha afterwards
Park City
WanYing races GS
Two great-looking race gals at the bottom!
President's Day at Brighton
The snow almost stopped us from being able to get up the canyon, but we were determined to get up there!
A weekend in northern Utah. First stop, Nordic Valley
Mommy-Sasha selfie
A powder day at Powder Mountain
Sasha gets some pre-race pow
Race day at Snowbasin
Hanging out to watch the races
Sasha finishing her GS run
Ben free skiing
Deer Valley
Our namesake run
Fab Deer Valley powder
Jamie and Jonny Moseley at Deer Valley (it was a different day, but just had to throw that in!)
A southern Utah trip to Eagle Point...
...and Brian Head
WanYing finishes her slalom run at the YSL championships
Catching some runs at Brian Head
Up to Logan to check out Cherry Peak
The girls enjoyed deep fried Oreos!
Day 2 in Logan: Beaver Mountain
Fresh snow at Beaver!
Baby's first cliff
Finishing up the season with spring skiing at Alta
Cecret Lake sure looks different in the winter!
Mom catches some turns
Ying skis the steeps
A beautiful end to a great season! If we could have this much fun in a crappy snow year, just think of how much we could have in a good year!!


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