Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Wanes

It's been a darn fine back third of summer. Although this summer has been epic hot here in Utah, we've made the best of us and have had a great time hanging out as a family, cycling a bunch, and staying cool any way we can!

We were so blessed to hang out with friends visiting from Oregon - the perfect reason for a party!
It was so fun to see these kids hang out together - they couldn't get enough of each other! I suspect it had a lot to do with Pokemon
ChenXing stayed cool by learning to swim in the Qualtrics pond. She's so cute - like a great big otter!
Sasha and I invested a lot of time in matching outfits, riding the tandem, and snowcones
Weird Al at Red Butte - epic.
Jamie takes the hill at Wildflower Pedalfest. I'm not fast, but I don't give up!
This is a natural formation called Devil's Slide outside of Morgan, Utah. It's not really that cool, but after missing the pulloff twice we figured we better document the fact that we actually found it.
Everybody had a blast at the Qualtrics summer party
Balloons, face painting, and snowcones. Perfect. Hair by Sasha, in case you were wondering.
Sam with his signature "no flavor" snowcone.
Sasha gets in one last flip before sunset

And now it's time to go back to school! Sasha and WanYing (4th and 2nd) started today, Ben (8th) starts tomorrow, and Sam (10th) spends this week backpacking with his class with the official start of classroom hours next week.

It's crazy to see my babies getting so big so quickly. I'm so stinking proud of them and can't wait to see what this year brings!


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