Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Bathroom Remodel (or: Home Improvement Never Again)

We're not big on home improvements. It's odd, because we really like projects and are reasonably handy people. But when it comes to our home, well, we tend to be pretty content with what we've got.

Take, for example the kids' bathroom. We "updated" it approximately 15 years ago, which honestly only meant painting it and removing the linoleum and re-tiling. And so it stayed for the next decade and a half!

[pause for adorable photo of Ben simultaneously washing his feet and double-fisted toothbrushing. I found this photo when searching for "before" photos. Note that this is the last time he's been spotted multitasking]

This is the bathroom we've been living with. Honestly, it's been more than serviceable. But then we got it into our big dumb heads that we should redo the bathroom. Because we're idiots and we hate money, free time, and marital harmony.

So we went to Ikea. And we bought all. the. things.

We thought that if we hired somebody to do the tiling it would make the experience less terrible. It didn't.

All joking aside, I'm super happy with the results. The pegboards and double sink were my brilliant husband's idea. Since we have a hundred children, it's really nice to have two places to brush teeth and wash hands. And the pegboards are awesome for reconfigurable storage to hold all the paraphernalia of self-care.

Now to take on swapping the kids' rooms. Which means... more flooring, organization, dust, arguments, late nights, painting...

Pray for us.

And, why do people take on these home improvement projects more frequently than once a decade? Those people have deep, deep issues.


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