Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Album 49 and Counting

I am so very proud of myself - I've fully caught up with our photo albums! Album 49 (that is, album XLIX - the roman numerals seemed like a good idea until about 30 and now I have to look up each subsequent number because, let's face it, nobody knows roman numerals past 20ish) is complete and the first half of 2018 is documented! I am feeling very accomplished.

You see, I fell behind about 7 years ago when life got really heavy, and a few years ago I finally felt ready to pick up where I left off. It took me around 18 months to catch up to today (hooray!) and we now have 49 - can you believe that? - albums full of our stories and memories.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Jamie, you have enough actual things to do, why do you need to manufacture hobbies to eat up that pesky spare time? Plus, does anybody even print out photos anymore? Also, do you have space for those albums?

Answers in reverse order: No. Well, I do. And, yes, I do think there's a bit of a compulsion going on. But I genuinely like doing it - I print out these blog posts, buy set of assorted Sharpies, arrange the photos on pretty paper (no stickers or cut outs or crap, that's way too much work), get to use fun adhesive runners to stick the photos to the pages, and it gives me something to do when we watch TV.

But the main reason that I spend all those hours chronicling our history is that the kids really enjoy having something physical, tangible to look through. The literal story of them.

They get to laugh at the silly stories and pictures, marvel that they were ever that small, and relive the happenings that have disappeared from their memories.

It's a precious thing seeing your daughter lug album after album upstairs day after day to read while she's falling asleep.

So bring on the next 49 albums! This story is just getting started.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Albion Through the Years

Earlier this month we went camping in one of our very favorite places - Albion Basin. It's a campground up in the Wasatch National Forest nestled within Alta Ski Area in the winter. It's cool in the summer heat, above the summer haze, abounding in wildflowers and deer and moose, and one of the prettiest places on earth.

We went up to Albion again this year with our most longstanding of camping buddies, the Knappenbergers. As we hiked and watched our kids and drank a few beers, it was easy to wax nostalgic about the many summer adventures we've spent on these acres with so many folks we dearly love.

Hike 1: Catherine's Pass

Catherine's is the pass that separates Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. If you climb up from the Alta side, you look out over Brighton Ski Resort. It's crazy to realize how interconnected our mountains are from above when you're not limited by travel by vehicle - it would take 45+ minutes to drive between Alta and Brighton in the best of weather, and we made the hike in that or less. It's also crazy that I love this little turn in the path so much that I've photographed it for 10 years!

Ben, Cody, Sam 2010
The Cases, Jamie, WanYing (in baby carrier!) 2012
Sam leads the way, 2011
Sasha and Dad walk into the sunset, 2018

When you get up to the Catherine's saddle, you can see right into Millie lake on the Brighton side. It's a lovely place for a snack and a photo.
Sam, 2007
2011, WanYing not so sure about this whole thing
Apparently apples were the theme in 2012
WanYing, Sam, Apples 2012
Steve and Jamie (in case you didn't recognize us) 2012
Sam, 2018

Hike 2: Cecret Lake

Reportedly named by miners with poor spelling skills, this "secret" lake is a favorite in Little Cottonwood Canyon. When you're not up for a big hike, you're always up for a stroll to Cecret. And, yes, all photos must be taken on this particular rock.
I'm pretty sure this was our 2005 Christmas card photo
The boys sporting some sweet hair, 2007
Morningstars and Powells (Sasha in carrier), 2010
Sasha and Dad, 2018

Hike 3: Snowbird to Alta

Our very favorite hike is a big one. We drive down to Snowbird, take the tram up, and then hike across and down to Alta. It's the best!
Look at all of those little babies! 2005
Ben and Zack are still friends... although they don't hold hands anymore, 2007
Still great friends! 2018
We had 2 more blog-worthy memories made this year at Albion. The first is our semi-successful reenactment of our winter photo skiing at Cecret lake in April.
We all had a good chuckle at the "no swimming" sign in April
And here we are in August!

The second blog-worthy story came on our final evening of camping at Albion. Our friend Josh came up for the evening and remarked that he could go for a pizza. Keep in mind that the closest pizza was several miles down the mountain at Snowbird, so we were joking around about needing a delivery service. Eventually Josh said something about paying $100 for a pizza delivered to this remote campground.

A few minutes later, Ben says, "Were you serious about that $100 thing?"

Long story short, Ben embarked upon a 3 hour, 10 mile, $70 profit unicycle ride to Snowbird and back. At sundown we started to get a little worried about him and Josh drove down to make sure he was doing ok (there's no cell coverage at Albion). The kid has grit.
And that pizza, reheated over the fire, was some of the finest I've ever had.


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