Saturday, July 18, 2009

A New Toy

I've been toying with the idea of getting a digital SLR for a while, and when Spike expressed a desire to upgrade his ancient (six-month-old) Canon Rebel XSi before his upcoming trip to the Galapagos Islands, we jumped at the chance to buy his "old" camera.

I still have a lot to learn about the art and science of photography, but fortunately Steve took some photography classes once upon a time and knows the basics of apertures and f-stops (which apparently mean the same thing - who knew?).

I'm currently just working on how to clean puppy nose prints and toddler finger prints off of the lens, but I'm sure I'll move on to what the heck the settings on top of the camera mean any day - no lie, they read: A-DEP, M, AV, TV, and P. Well, I'm glad that they made it so user friendly! Those letters mean nothing to me - but I guess that's why cameras come with manuals. I'm going to dive into the camera manual just as soon as I finish the puppy-training one, which may not be very soon since I'm currently on my third reading of the chapter, "Basic Etiquette for Puppies," which Chorney clearly needs given her now-insatiable appetite for the new camera's strap.

Oh and I did get one decent shot from the hyperactive Chorney photo session. Awww.


Smith Fam said...

What did we say about pictures of Chorney?! Stop the madness before we succumb to temptation and are unable to resist making a foolish purchase of our own! We beg of the very least post some pictures of chewed table legs or urine-spotted carpet.

Jstar said...

The photo of her attacking me as I attempt to photograph her isn't enough?!? Does it help if I mention that she was also, in the same photo session, trying to chew on my ponytail?


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