Saturday, July 11, 2009

Farewell to Good Friends

Early tomorrow morning the Thomases roll on out of Utah and end their illustrious time as citizens of Utah Valley. Although we know they're making this move for all of the right reasons, we will sure miss having these wonderful friends as part of our everyday lives.

I will say that we made the most of our last week with the Utah Thomases! We hit our favorite tea spot up in Salt Lake and enjoyed fantastic hummus sandwiches, scones, and key lime pie (I believe I could very happily live for a long time on these three foods, especially if served with a pot of violet black tea).

We even stopped for a spur-of-the-moment pedicure and drove home feeling well-fed, pampered, and grateful for the amazing relationship we share as sisters. [Note: At the gentle urging of my sisters I have learned to enjoy some of the girly indulgences, but apparently they still need to work on my toenail polish choices because I'm still the one in Birkenstocks and pale pink polish amongst my glamorous friends in ravishing reds]

But was one short afternoon in Salt Lake enough to celebrate and honor these wonderful friends? No way! On Tuesday night we hosted a BBQ and had a great time reliving favorite Thomas memories, eating great food, and enjoying our newly tidied lawn (thank you Steve, Spike, and Sharon!).

Here are just a few great shots that Spike took of our evening together:

Thomases, we love you dearly and miss you already! We pray God's blessing for this new chapter in your family's journey and trust that we'll see you back in Utah very often.

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Lisa and Thal said...

If they or you are ever headed to Cleveland OH look us up.


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