Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun Even When She's Locked Up

We're crate-training Chorney, which seems to be the universally accepted puppy training method these days, and for good reason. She has adjusted to her crate really well, and to be honest it's probably good for Chorney to have a place where she's safe from the children. Well, safer - leave it to Sasha to find a game she can play with Chorney even when the puppy is locked away! Sasha puts her hand up to the door and when Chorney gives it a lick it's all squeals and delighted giggles from Miss Sasha.

If the crate's latch wasn't difficult for little fingers to manage, Chorney would really never get a moment's peace! As is, I still expect to walk by the crate one afternoon and see both Sasha and Chorney snuggling within.

Incidentally - check out Sasha's healed-up palate in this photo. Uvula and everything! Way to go, reconstructed-palate girl!


Brian or Amy said...

So fun! I had not even read your post and I was drawn to the uvula!! Only another cleft mommy would look for the uvula! : )

The Fox Den said...

They are both adorable! What a joy!! P.S. I love the new look for the garbage cans :)


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