Sunday, July 5, 2009

Official 6-Year-Old Pix

Yesterday's Kiddie Kandids experience reminded me (as if I could forget!) that my children do not lack in the personality department! I wasn't going to include Sasha in the photo session, since I was so happy with May's pictures and portraits with a two-year-old can be challenging. But Ben insisted that his birthday portraits had to include his sister and he was so right - just look at this adorable shot!

Here are my other two favorite pictures from the sitting:

And, because I paid for them so I they might as well get some views, here are the other three pictures that didn't make my cut for prints but are awfully cute:


E said...

Wow! What cute pics! The boys sure are maturing in their looks. Happy birthday, Ben!

Jennifer M said...

I think Gigi has a crush on Sam. She kept pointing at him over and over again saying in that totally teenage, star struck way, "Who thaaaat? Who thaaat?!" lol! At least she has good taste. :-)

Jstar said...

Hilarious! Well, he does have swell surfer hair that he refuses to cut, so I guess I can't blame Gigi for the crush

Karla said...

They turned out so well, Spencer's 2 year old pictures were "challenging." Nice to know that someone's turned out super-cute.

kitzkazventure said...

Wow, what sweet pics of your kiddos! She looks like she loves being with her big brothers.

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Cute, cute photos!! I love reading about your kids because they're always cracking me up! I hope to travel later this year with WPA. I may be checking in with you, if ok. Susan


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