Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chorney Close-Ups

My goodness, I do have a good looking family - and that includes the most recently added family member (the one with four legs)! I worked from home yesterday and while enjoying lunch just had to take a "few" close-up shots of the many faces of Chornaya Morningstar. She's just so gosh darn cute!


Sandi said...

Oh my goodness.. She is adorable. I love puppy faces, they melt your heart.


Lyndsie said...

I want to scoop her up and give her kisses! *mwah*

Smith Fam said...

Please no more close-ups of Chorney we can't take her cuteness and the desire to have one so very cute of our own! Karen

Mak said...

There is seriously nothing cuter than a lab (or mix) puppy. Lovin' the blog!

Melissa Philips


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