Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Virginia Beach

Our trip to Virginia was short and focused on Poppop's memorial service, but we did make sure the trip was long enough to introduce Sasha to the beach! We have around a thousand precious beach photos... or we would have that many if our stupid camera hadn't spontaneously quit focusing. We can't complain, we've had the camera for years and years and have taken almost 7,000 photos, but it was still poor timing for a camera break-down.

But I digress - on with the adorable beach photos!

Our boys are such water bugs! We couldn't keep Sam out of the waves (hence the lack of Sam photos in this set)

"Woah - that water is colder than I expected!"

Is there a toddler who doesn't love knocking down sand castles?

This was really fun... until the wave caught Sasha by surprise

Ben and Sasha enjoy a giant sand hole

An homage to Poppoppop

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Joby and Marla said...

You were so close. Va Beach is only a couple of hours from us. Next time let me know & I will met you somewhere.
I know ya'll were probably busy this time & I hope next time it is under happier circumstances:)


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