Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet the Family

Instead of flying straight to Virginia Beach last weekend, we landed in Baltimore Thursday night and then made the five-hour drive down to Virginia on Friday. This wasn't our first choice in travel arrangements (we were using some frequent flier vouchers and our options were limited) but it ended up working really well because we had a few hours to introduce Sasha to the rest of the family! (oh, and check out my safety-conscious children reading the emergency pamphlet on the first leg of our flight. Hilarious! This is before Sasha discovered the rapture that is ripping apart a SkyMall magazine)

Check out this crew! It is impossible to get five monkeys to sit still on the couch with their grandparents, let alone all smile at the same time, so this photo will simply have to do. At least this shot was taken before Xave started pulling on Spike's hair - the photos really started getting interesting then!

Here are a few other cute shots from the morning:

This photo has two interpretations: "I need a hug" or "Let me get my mitts on that camera!"

"Read us another Calvin and Hobbes comic, Cousin Sam!"

Ben gives Xave some lovin'

What fun family time!


jody said...

little sasha looks like she's doing great!! my kids love calvin and hobbs-they lay in their beds at nite with their camping headlamps on and with pat's old c&h books and giggle to themselves till stupid late. ahhh, childhood memories being made....

Susan said...

what cute kiddo's!!! I can rarely get a decent pic of Leeza alone-much less that many munchkins. :)


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