Friday, July 31, 2009

My rubber band gun

Approximately one week ago I got a box with a rubber band gun in it. About six days ago from that point I ordered it online. Our parents do this system where we pay a dollar for each week ahead to get our allowances early. We call it credit. I mean, it's a good name, why not? And I had to take credit to pay for the rubber band gun.

Now it's my favorite weapon, next to my Swiss Army knife. My rubber band gun fits 12 rubber bands and it fits perfectly in my pocket. Oh, and by the way, BANG!

(exactly as dictated by Sam)


Jason Russell said...

He doesn't have the look of a killer

marymary said...

Awesome. And nice work with the focus. And Jamie, this is belated, but I love your haircut.

Jstar said...

Thanks, Mary - I'll bet you never would have guessed that we were playing with our new SLR lens :)

Butch and Tracy said...

He is a Georgeous boy!


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