Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eye-Fi With My Little Eye

I used some of my birthday money this year to purchase an Eye-Fi card - yes, I know that my birthday was three months ago, but I haven't had my birthday party yet, so technically I believe my birthday celebration isn't over! Besides, I turned 30; I'm allowed to extend the celebration. But I digress.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Eye-Fi card. Here's the theory - it's a 2 GB SD card with built in Wi-Fi, so when it finds my home network the photos are automagically uploaded to my home computer. I love this theory. You may have noticed that we take a few pictures and I love the idea of not having to dig out the SD card reader to get my photos off of the camera. I know, that sounds incredibly lazy, but pulling the photos off of the card is a dreaded chore.

My experience with the Eye-Fi card in reality was less magical than its promises. I'm on my second card because the first apparently was bitten by a mutant spider and had a nasty habit of corrupting my photos, but to their credit the good folks at Eye-Fi sent me out a new one without me having to make too much of a fuss.

So far this new card is vastly superior to the old one - the card hasn't eaten any photos yet and the Wi-Fi actually works (I also had issues with the connectivity on the old card which is, let's face it, the whole reason to buy one). The camera still has to be within 30 feet or so of the wireless router, but that could be the fault of our crappy router.

Would I recommend the Eye-Fi? Yes, I would if you're like me and would rather put up with some technical headaches than pull out the USB SD card reader every day. Plus it's a cheery orange color. It's not the end-all-be-all, but it's a fun toy and it does make it easier for me to post fabulous photos of my children to this blog for your enjoyment.


Smith Fam said...

I just have to say I've noticed an orange theme in your last three posts. (Maybe more, I only checked the last three). Orange Eye-Fi, orange stacked chairs, orange Fender amps at the concert. Coincidence? I think not....God is prompting Steve. Soon everything in your lives will turn orange.

Jstar said...

Perhaps Steve will come back from Creation with orange hair?!?

Lyndsie said...

I always wondered how you kept so on top of all those photos. Does it sort them into folders by date or time, or do you have to keep up with that part if you want to be able to reference them later?

Jstar said...

Great question, Lyndsie! It does store the photos by date, but then I pull them from their folders and crop/retouch in Photoshop before posting. It's still a lot of work to organize and publish the photos, but at least the Eye-Fi cuts one step out of the process!


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