Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Times Do Change

While we were in Virginia Beach for my grandfather's memorial service, I came across this fascinating little piece of history - a package of straws that my grandfather must have been refilling since the 60's since the straws I found inside were definitely not 50 years old.

Just look at how exciting a bendy straw can make basically all facets of your life! Kids and Moms love them and they can be used for a dazzling plethora of beverages - in "gay pastel colors," no less!

Incidentally, I think my children would agree with most of the exclamations on this package. Everybody loves bendy straws!


sandyamstar said...

Hmmm....NO milk spilling? Guess I should have my guys read the straw directions again! That package is very cool!

Jstar said...

So much for truth in advertising!

Smith Fam said...

Of course they're gay pastel colors. They can't be straight pastel colors...they're bendy. See?

Jstar said...

I am, and I do not use this acronym lightly, LOL. Rich, clearly I had not followed the packaging claims to their logical end. What a fool I am.

Smith Fam said...

You've no idea the joy it brings me to know that I made you laugh with one of my insipid comments.


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