Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unforgettable Legacy

Well, my grandfather's legacy lives on in his community... in a rather unconventional way. Some people have gardens planted in their memory, some donate park benches or sponsor a new wing of the library or a set of hymnals for the church. But that's not nearly interesting enough for a Reinhart! Poppop's memory lives on in Pinup Boys of Atlantic Shores.

As he was stuck in bed this spring he planned a fundraiser for a local Virginia Beach volunteer rescue squad: a nude-ish calendar of men in his retirement community. Truly, it takes community spirit to a whole new level - here's the calendar's cover shot featuring a few of Poppop's many kites and several very good friends.

I expect that you simply can't get enough of this story (who could!?!), so here are a few links to local TV station and newspaper coverage of the calendar photo shoot:You can preorder your calendar from the Atlantic Shores website, because I'm sure you can't wait for it to become available in stores! You have to admit, he won't soon be forgotten.


Sandi said...

Ok that is so funny. My grandma did some crazy calendar 1/2 dressed with her friends from her retirement commmunity. It was to raise money for cancer. She did this a few years ago right before she passed away. I still chuckle at the calendar.


Jessica and Chris said...

Way too funny....I will have to order mine this week!! I mean how in the world can I wait??

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! It sounds like you will have many great laughs at the memories you have of that the best??


Joby and Marla said...

What a wonderful & fun memory your grandfather has left of himself. I see that his adventurous spirit must be a family trait:)


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