Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Creation '09

So I’ve just come back from this large christian concert event called Creation. Its an annual event put on in this wicked cool outdoor amphitheater venue placed in front of a gorge and is called very creatively “the gorge”. Seriously the view was one of the most impressive things about this event. Picture this-- 20,000 people, 4 days of concerts, camping with cold showers, 30 teenagers that you are some what responsible for, 3 children you are defiantly responsible for, and paralyzing 100 degree heat. Doesn’t that sound worth the 12 hours of driving?

The speakers were entertaining and engaging. During some of the less popular speakers like in the morning before teenagers can emerge from bed sleeping bags, Sam would creep down in front to get as close to the stage as he could. I think the fact that everyone was sitting down at those points made it less intimidating to check out the close up view. Anytime that we weren’t in the amphitheater, we could be found hanging out at our group campsite with the kids from the church youth group.

I think I only spent an hour with the youth for every two hours that I spent with my own kids, but that was okay. Our kids added to the fun of the group atmosphere. Sasha endeared herself as the campsite mascot and it was rare that I’d ever be responsible for feeding her since whatever was on someone else’s plate was far more fun to eat than what I had made for her. Sam and Ben could often be seen playing their Leapster game systems or telling jokes to anyone who’d listen while hanging out at camp. The van was quite the hangout spot for the jr. high youth kids. This probably all started when they first arrived and I had a cooler full of cooled sodas to drink. My boys were quite good at handing out sodas to the “worthy” kids who had actually helped unpack the bus and setup tents. They can spot a freeloader when they see one.

The days and nights we spent in Washington for the concert were jam packed full of fun and sure became exhausting after a while. The kids took some killer naps while we were there and I did as well. I think it had a lot to do with staying up till midnight. Oh well, nothing a few early bedtimes at home can't fix!


Stephany Erin said...

I took Keira (just us- couldn't convince anyone from church to go with us - none of the youth (or parents) had ever been)to Creation East this year - It was AWESOME to go back as an adult with my daughter... after day 1 she was making plans for next year- and who she wants to bring with us!! :) Glad you had fun
Stephany (Pond)

Stephanie and Gary said...

hello morningstars! I just have to say yet *again* how much I have been enjoying your blog. Your writing is detailed, evocative, beautiful -- as my paperwork waits in the Washington, DC consulate, you have brought the experience to life for me. My husband still sits on the fence a bit - it was a hard decision for him after two bio girls to choose adoption along with me. Yet, I just read him some of your posts and he was moved and actually felt relieved. He's been anxious about living in Kazakhstan for a while and all the travel involved. Your information and fun stories, the fact that you took the boys and sasha on trips while in KZ made everything seem doable for him. I am very glad to have found your blog as I feel his feet getting just a wee bit cold. He's still going forward but I feel his trepidation at this new venture. Your experience allayed many many fears. So thank you!
I also wanted to know if you'd be interested in allowing me to use some photos of sascha signing on my ASL website. I teach ASL to parents and infants and am building a new site. My place holder is currently
Well thanks again for a beautiful story!
The Karps in Brooklyn, NY


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