Friday, July 10, 2009

A Grand Visit

Gramma and Poppop spent a busy week and a half with us, and we are so grateful for all of their help and for the blessing of time to spend together. We've been so busy lately that their visit is a bit of a blur - good thing we have some great photos to remember it by!

Sam challenges Poppop to game after game of Khet (it's a laser chess game). It's the one game that both grandfathers like to play with Sam. I guess it's hard to resist a simplified version of chess with lasers.

An especially sweet shot of Ben

You can tell Sasha's "helping" with the garden in this photo because she put on a pair of Papa's car-fixin' gloves

A hummingbird comes to visit our trumpet vine

Two of my children turn their brains to mush playing Xbox. No, Sasha doesn't really know how to play, she just likes to hold a controller. Yes, I am disturbed by the uncannily similarly dazed looks on their faces. No, I don't know why Sasha is wearing Sam's socks or how they got on her feet.

Sam shows off his dragonfly - a very cool flying toy that he brought home from Virgina Beach as one of his treasures to remember Poppoppop by (my grandfather loved novel little toys, especially if they could fly!)

Sam takes the dragonfly for a test flight

Gramma helps Sasha explore her inner monkey at the playground - we had a great visit!

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