Friday, July 17, 2009

Hitting the 'Peaks

We are certainly a family of waterbugs and Sasha has taken to the pool like... um... like a fish to water. Sorry, the colloquialisms and analogies ran away with me there.

We have season passes to Seven Peaks, which rocks because we can just go for a couple of hours without feeling like we have to make our visit worth the price of a day's admission. And now that Sam finished his level two swim lessons he's feeling a lot more confident on his own in the water (and we feel much more confident that we will leave the pool with the no fewer children than we started with!).

Another big perk of having an eight-year-old who swims on his own is that he tows our tube around the lazy river and wave pool - no more tedious and exhausting paddling! Phew - for a while there I was worried that I might actually work off those pool-concession-stand-churro-and-pizza calories!

Here are a few more shots from our latest afternoon at Seven Peaks - these were all taken in the baby pool since it's the only place in the park where we have two free hands for photos :)

Ben now refuses to stay still so that we can take a picture, so here's the best photo we got of him sprinting past the camera.

A happy Mama and Sasha hang out in the baby pool (excuse the squinting, it was a bright Utah day!)


Joby and Marla said...

I love the picture of Mom & Sasha. So sweet!!!!

Did I tell you that Sasha was one of my fav's while we were in Kaz? It is so nice to know that most of the kids are finding such wonderful families.

Jstar said...

She's one of my favorites, too... although I guess that goes without saying :)


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