Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Strawberry Girl Branches Out

Heh heh - get it, branches out?!? I know, I'm astoundingly clever.

Sasha has discovered that strawberries aren't the only sweet things in the garden! Her passion for strawberries has now expanded to include raspberries, even the ones that are so un-ripe that they won't even release their stems! And she hasn't yet complained about the stickers, so I guess that the sweet, sweet taste of under-ripe berries is worth a few prickers.

I haven't yet been able to harvest enough berries to satiate her... maybe we need to plant another patch? Or maybe I just need to water the plants now that it's finally warm and dry (we're back to proper Utah summer weather!) so the berries will actually mature rather than shrivel up. Thank goodness we didn't plant our regular veggie garden this year - if I can't even keep raspberries watered, tomatoes and beans wouldn't have a prayer!


jody said...

well, the pricklys just help to keep her teeth clean---think of it as killing 2 birds and all......

Lisa and Thal said...

She is so gosh darn cute, and those are the biggest eyes I have ever seen. Zafiro pretty much snoozed through the fireworks and become annoyed at the noise waking her up-Like "Mommy it is disturbing me, I need my beauty sleep kind of looks-make it stop." Too cute.


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