Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Flowers

Confession: my flower gardens are a total mess this year. I know, it's been a crazy year and I should just be grateful that I am often able to stand upright unassisted, but I still wish that my gardens looked tidier.

But, if I take artfully-framed pictures of the flowers from so close that I need to use the macro lens, you just see the flower and not the "garden" all around it! So this year you will see my gardens from aa distance of three to six inches. Trust me, it's better for all of us.

In the "she won the battle" category, the strawberries are no longer in danger of being completely strangled by morning glory (the bane of my existence), so maybe there's hope for my gardens yet. Of course, Sasha's a lot more supportive of my time in the strawberry patch than she is of my efforts to weed the flowers. Oh well, the gardens (and hopefully the neighbors) will survive one year of less-than-pristine flora in the Morningstar yard.


Karla said...

I too . . . hate morning glory.

Lisa and Thal said...

SUPER BEAUTIFUL COLUMBINE PICTURE!!!. We are at least happy the veggies are in and doing well, because the backyard gardens ar "wildflower" (aka weed) invested. I take heart in the fact that something growing in a field which is beautiful is a wildflower, while in my garden it is a weed. Changing my mindset that I have a wildflower garden has been helpful.

Joby and Marla said...

I don't understand why grass & weeds always grow where you don't want it????

I am sure that the neighbors will survive :)

Lyndsie said...

Still beautiful, and I will also join the morning glory belly-aching. However I do like the little white flowers that open but I wish it would just stay in one spot instead of strangling everything else! I have yet to master the art or patience it takes to unwind the vine without damaging the flower it is attempting to kill!


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