Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chatty Sasha

Five months ago today we met our beautiful Alexandra. Just look at this shy little girl we met in January! And we knew then, just as we know now, that this girl was our daughter - not our by biology but by choice and love and the grace of God (far stronger reasons than mere biology in my book!).

And look at our zany, beautiful girl today! It is hard to describe the changes that have blossomed in Sasha over the past weeks. Between a mouth that's working for her and clear hearing (thank you, ear tubes!) Sasha's real personality is spilling out - and she is full of it (personality, that is)!

I wouldn't have believed it was possible five months ago, but our daughter is a chatterbox! Sasha was a sermon illustration today in church and as soon as she saw her picture displayed on the screen she punched her little fist in the air and started loudly chanting, "Sasha, Sasha, Sasha!" (well, it sounded like, "Gagah, Gagah, Gagah" but we knew what she was saying - her excitement left little room for confusion). She mimics us all the time and most of her signs are now accompanied by vocalized words as well. Besides her near-constant babbling, we catch her running around the house repeating phrases to herself like, "Good job, Sasha" and, "Yay Sasha!" It is adorable.

Sasha has even mastered the use of a straw! And we did a little experiment last night and confirmed that if we feed her copious amounts of ice cream very quickly, she even gets brain freeze :) Go repaired palate!

We are so grateful for our joking, affectionate, energetic, babbling, crazy little girl. And what a joy to celebrate the five-month anniversary of our relationship on Father's Day!


sandyamstar said...

WOW!!!! Half a year really does fly!!! I like the use of ice cream to teach straw usage...certainly provides great motivation! Sasha sounds like she has a great self image...who better to cheer you on than yourself! Can't wait to meet her!

Brian or Amy said...

My favorite pictures of Andrew would include him sucking through a straw!

Yay Sasha! : )

Lou Ann said...

Unbelievable what love will do. The surgeries where a help I'm sure but it was the loving family and attention that have allowed Sasha to be confident enough to show you the real Gagah!! Great job Morningstars!!!!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

kitzkazventure said...

Awww, I love the straw picture. Such an accomplishment and boy, how she shines compared to that first picture. I love transformation pics! We do them alot with Nick's pictures. I love to see the light in their eyes and the joy on their sweet faces!

Jennifer said...

What an awesom post! I am thrilled for you guys and especially Sasha. She's a beautiful little girl inside and out, and she's part of a beautiful family too. A perfect fit all around.

Love those eyelashes in the last picture- wow!

Selena said...

I was just thinking this weekend how it had been about 6 mos. And, what a difference! She is really coming into her own - personality and everything.

Love the photos!

Tracy said...

She has come far and I am sure has far to go! What a beautiful little blessing she is. I remember the first picture I saw of her... she is more beautiful today. She looks so happy and healthy. What a great feeling knowing you have your daughter and your love is making all the difference in her life. They need us as much as we needed and wanted them.


Susan said...

i love seeing the before/after pictures and seeing how these kids just blossom with their always moves me to tears.

I just did a post on our blog of Leeza a year ago(before we met her) and now..such a huge difference! She is "full of it" too-:)

Way to go on brain freeze and straw sucking. Leeza still doesn't get the straw thing. :)

I love the image of her yelling SASHA SASHA with hands raised in church. What a MorningSTAR she is. :)

Temple Post said...

Oh my goodness she is way too cute. I love the little bathing suit picture with her chubby chub chub legs - so precious! I'm so happy for all of you. YOu guys are a wonderful family and Sasha is lucky to have you! It is wonderful to hear about her coming to life! THanks for sharing!!!

Temple = )


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