Friday, June 19, 2009

Summerfest Fireworks

Our Orem Summerfest parade experience was cut short by one of our now-daily downpours and for a while we were concerned that the annual fireworks display might be cancelled. But no way - we Oremites are made of stronger stuff than that.

The skies cleared and the wind calmed down just in time for dusk. For a suburban town, Orem really does fireworks right!

Sasha wasn't a huge fan of her first fireworks extravaganza, so we'll have to work on desensitizing her to the noise before the Stadium of Fire. I'm not worried, though, I think that she'll be so enamored by the dulcet tones of the Jonas Brothers at the Stadium of Fire that no volume of bangs will be able to disturb her revelry. That's the hope... or else we are going to be very unpopular with the folks seated around us at the fireworks display.

Summerfest just gets more fun as the kids get older and more adventurous and we sure enjoyed Summerfest 2009. As if we needed any additional reinforcement of the felicity of the weekend, check out the rainbow over our house right before the parade! Home sweet home.

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