Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swim Lessons

Nothing says "Summer Vacation" like swim lessons! Both boys are enrolled this year and are doing great, I think they may be destined to swim team greatness like their mother (my swim team career lasted only one season when I discovered that it's actually a lot of work and I didn't posses the natural speed or strength of a dolphin).

Here's a quick pic of the swim lesson bike train leaving the station. For those tracking Sam's two-wheel progress, he's still practicing and so prefers the tag-along bike for longer treks.

So far Ben prides himself on his back float, although I thought that the picture of the front float was more entertaining. The problem with floating on your front, according to Ben, is that you're supposed to blow out bubbles but when your tanks are empty then there's nothing more to blow out and you can't breathe in water. I find the logic unassailable.

Sam is swimming unassisted now and doing really well. Here he is swimming across the 13-foot-deep section of the pool! Apparently the parents were advised on the first day of class not to watch their children in lessons and I'm assuming this is because the reasonable parents would freak about about their child's barely-above-water status in thirteen feet of water. Fortunately the teenage instructor knows better than I do - Sam's doing wonderfully in class and hasn't drowned once.


sandyamstar said...

Great swimmers!!! It is tough to see Sam with his head barely above water!!! Although...13 feet, or 6 feet...still over his head!!

Susan said...

those bikes are really cool.....how fun is that!
Leeza is in swim lessons, the teacher comes to the house. We're in week 2...we found she does better when Mommy is out of sight, but not sure she'll be swimming by the end of week 3 (which is all I've paid for). How bout Sasha, is she taking lessons too?

Lou Ann said...

Way cool! I was thinking about getting lessons for Lexie but I think I'll worry too much about her ears. Especially since she is just getting over her first ear infection since the tubes where put in last Aug. How is Sasha doing with hers? Are you noticing if her speech is clearer yet? Of course the cleft surgery might have something to do with her speech as well.
I'm sure you will find another way for her to enjoy the summer. Like strawberries and drive-ins and chickens! No wait that was Easter?!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Jessica and Chris said...

Chris says the bike is extremely super-fabulous!!! Never seen one like that before. We may have to invest in one soon!

Smith Fam said...

The most disturbing words of this post?

"teenage instructor"


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