Monday, June 8, 2009

Strawberry Girl

I am so glad that somebody in our family enjoys our berries as much as I do! Our little girl was all sticky fingers and red drool this afternoon after discovering the glories of our strawberry patch.

And check out the haircut! I took Sasha for a quick trim Saturday and she's looking so sweet and evenly-shorn. She hated the haircutting process, but at least it was fast since she didn't have much hair to cut!

All of the cool, wet weather has given us a great strawberry spring... which is fortunate because I definitely haven't given our berries the attention they deserve this year. Hopefully they can hold out against the morning glory, the bane of my existence, for a few more days until I can get out there and weed properly! On second thought, maybe I should worry more about them surviving Sasha as she "helps" me weed and harvest :)

1 comment:

sandyamstar said...

Too cute! Abby & I picked strawberries tonight too and more went into her mouth then in the container! Guess both our girls know what is yummy!!!


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