Sunday, May 17, 2009

Three Months a Morningstar

Three months ago today this incredible little lady became Alexandra Grace Morningstar. It's simply astounding to think of the changes she has experienced in the past three months - new language, new home, new mouth, and for the first time ever a family to love and care for her and a mama and papa devoted to her for a lifetime. Everything Sasha knew, everything familiar to her has been turned on its ear!

We are blown away by how quickly and joyfully Sasha has adjusted to her new life and are filled with gratitude for our daughter.

Of course, we have our times that feel like far less than the fairy tale we know we're living... or maybe they just feel more Hans Christian Anderson than Disney - both fairy tales, but one style significantly stranger and less sparkly than the other. Steve and I joke that we manically oscillate between "This is just incredible!" (picture us saying it with starry eyes and huge smiles) and "This is just incredible!" (picture this one with deep dark tired circles under our eyes and the desperation that only a two-year-old can bring out in a parent). This is hard work!

But she's worth every tired night and tantrum soothed and meal frustrated ("What do you mean you don't want yogurt and are now throwing its goopy stickiness to the floor in disgust?!? Thirteen seconds ago you were in tears writhing on the floor because life simply could not continue without yogurt!"). She's worth it all - not because of the sweet smiles and soft cuddles and exuberant hugs and silly faces made just because she likes to see us laugh. Those things are wonderful, but they're not why we love her. We love Sasha because she is ours. She's worth it all because she's our daughter.

These first three months have been incredible. Alexandra Grace, we are grateful for every day we get to be your Mama and Papa. Happy three-month Gotcha Day Anniversary!


Joby and Marla said...

Time flies when you are having fun & you have to admit these Kaz beauties know how to have fun:)

Sasha looks so comfortable. I am so happy that she is part of your family!!!!!

All the waiting was well worth it!!!!!

sandyamstar said...

Great Sasha picture! Such a cutie!! I can identify with the fickle two year old! But at least they change their minds so quickly that when they're unhappy it's soon forgotten!!

Lou Ann said...

You are ALL so blessed.

Lou Ann & the now 3 year old Lexie

Alison said...

All teary eyed at this post. How moving! Isn't it amazing how much life can change, in so little time.

Here's to a less dramatic next three months ;-)

Jennifer M said...


Susan said...

3 months a Morningstar AND very clearly a shining star. :)

Another perfect fit-makes me smile. :)

(as Leeza i think is tearing all the books off the bookshelves in the other room)

Jessica and Chris said...

How sweet and how true. What a beautiful little girl. How far would it be to have play dates?? hahaha


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