Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bike Upgrade

After less than a week on two wheels, Ben decided that it was time for a bike upgrade.

Here's what Ben says about the big bike:
The big bike is cool because it's fast fast fast but the wind works against me on the windy days, so I can't go my fastest on the windy days unless I'm working with the wind.

At first it was hard to ride my big bike. It's still hard because it has a hole in the back wheel and the wheel gets soft and it's hard to get on and go straight. What I do, I just walk my bike to the slant part and I go down the slant park and I just go keep on riding. It just helps me 'cause it goes faster. It's good and it's fun!


The Fox Den said...

I love how big his smile is!

Anonymous said... fair...I maybe could keep up with Ben on the little bike but not the upgrade! And it looks like Ben doesn't need the dragon books for power anymore either! Good for you, Ben...bad for Gramma :(


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