Friday, May 8, 2009

Rainy Transformed

We've been planning on painting Rainy (formally, Box of Rain) for, oh, since she joined the family in 2005, but something always came up. Truth be told, it was actually our bank account that was never up enough for the paint job. But we finally reached the critical inflection point where her rust was going to start to be a problem and so we buckled down and did it. This is the "before" picture - our dull-coated Rainy with all of her non-critical parts removed before heading to the body shop. So sad!

And here's Steve putting all of those parts back on our bright and shiny Rainy! She looks great, and you can just tell that her new look put an extra spring in her... um... shocks and another MPG in her rotations.

Now it's time to head up into those mountains and do some camping - once Steve can let go of his near-obsession that she's going to get a nick or ding. We're still in the "I'm going to park at the far end of the parking lot so nobody comes near my precious newly-painted baby" phase.


The Fox Den said...

My dad is still in the "I'm going to park one mile from the store" phase and his vehicles are not one mile worthy. Who am I to argue with a New Yorker. We are not beyond teasing the heck out of him though.

marymary said...

Peter will be jealouser than ever.

Smith Fam said...

My eyes hurt at the beauty...oh had me at hello.


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