Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baseball Season

You know that we Morningstars have a passion, nay - an obsession, with organized sports. Any given Sunday or other day of the week when sporting events are televised we're glued to the sportsy station, cheering on our team(s) and eating appropriately themed snack foods... ok... I can carry the charade no further. So we're not really sports people, but for the last few years we've roused ourselves from our sports-phobia and enjoyed six magical weeks of t-ball. This year we took it up a notch.

As you can see from the clipboard and pensive pose, Steve is no longer merely Dad - he is now Coach Steve. Heh heh heh, I giggle a little on the inside just writing that. He's actually really great at it and the kids love him, and t-ball is right up his alley since there are really no rules or points involved and you've achieved stellar coaching success if your first baseman can throw the ball halfway to home. Unsurprisingly, he's the only coach I saw today wearing Birkenstocks.

Despite having a raging case of strep throat, Ben had a pretty good time at his first t-ball game of 2009 (we Morningstars won't let a little infectious disease keep us from the sport we love! Ok, that's not true, we didn't know he had strep till we finally went to instacare this evening and Ben and I got antibiotics. Groan. I'm so sick of being sick!). He whacked the ball with gusto and kept the grass firmly attached to the field by sitting on it during all of his time in the outfield. We are also proud to note that unlike his teammates who were chasing after the ball in large clumps of be-sneakered feet and tiny baseball mitts, Ben never once fought his teammates for control of the ball or even rose to attempt to retrieve it when it rolled near him. Way to share the spotlight, buddy.

Sam's first coach-pitch game came right after Ben's t-ball game. It's kind of a pain that they're not on the same team, but Sam is really enjoying the heated competition of coach-pitch. My heart swelled with pride today when, after warm-up time, Sam's coach called, "Ok, kids, over to the dugout!" and I heard my son's voice above the crowd asking, "What's a dugout?" We should probably get Sam some sort of "Kid's Guide to Baseball" book so he can brush up on his vocabulary... I'm not sure that Calvin and Hobbes is providing enough educational value on the baseball front. That's ok, I had an equally embarrassing moment when I asked another parent if it mattered which side of the bleachers we sat on. Apparently one's simply supposed to know these things.


Anonymous said...

you guys crack me up!!! lol!!! i went through oh gosh, all of my brothers t-ball, little league and high school baseball years...:)!!! so, i just started laughing at sam's dugout! my family is a padre, i think it's great you guys are getting started! :)! i love that shot of sasha in the hat, too! too cute! :) she looks like she's recovering well from the surgery! :)! miss you guys!


Lou Ann said...

Okay here's yet another reason I need to keep checking on the Morningstars....learning all the sports lingo and well other sports stuff. Poor Lexie doesn't have a chance if she's at all interested in well, any sport. Never been my thing. But like my hero Jamie I'll be out there sitting on the wrong side cheering for whoever is wearing the cutest uniform (which will be Lexie of course) and pray that someone will guide us both in the right direction. But now I can just email Coach Steve to find out all the rules. Cool!

Lou Ann & not sporty yet Princess Lexie Lou

sandyamstar said...

I love the beginning of this post!! I thought I was on the wrong blog or that living in Utah had seriously changed the Steve & Jamie I know and love!!! Too funny! I do remember a year of baseball when Steve was little...think he won a trophy. (yeah, I think EVERYONE wins a trophy though!)

kitzkazventure said...

Gosh, I would just play boring ol' Tball in your town for the view! FABULOUS mountain vista you got there! Lucky you! Sasha looks adorable by the way! :)

Lyndsie said...

What a picturesque park!!! Its great you are expanding your interests!


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