Sunday, May 10, 2009

Edge Weapons as Art

So, how'd you spend your Mother's Day, Jamie? Oh, you know, the usual - sweet presents and drawings from the kids, church (and Sasha's dedication! More on that later), a hearty nap, dinner with the family, and hanging implements of destruction above our mantel in a shrine to Kazakhstan.

We just got our art from Kazakhstan back from the framing shop, and it looks great. We arranged most of the pieces (an oil painting and two pillow covers with dream quilt inserts) in a new mantel display, complete with the freaking sword we carted halfway across the world (and had to justify to every airport official between here and Kazakhstan). Our evening's activities did prompt some interesting topics of conversation, such as "how can we hang this so we can quickly take it down in case of invaders?" and "what kind of nail should we use to properly evoke the spirit of the sword?" (this one had to be answered by taking the sword on a field trip out to the nail bin in the garage. I distinctly heard giggling as Steve chose the nail to be paired with his weapon of destruction).

Light a candle, our shrine to a post-Soviet republic is complete - check that one off of my "things to do in my lifetime" list.


Anna said...

Sasha's dedication was beautiful! It is always fun to visit other services.

I think the sword looks very manly, so I am sure the spirit of the sword has been evoked! :)

sandyamstar said...

So is the sword in a sheath (is that the correct sword terminology?) I would think that would hamper it's invader protection abilities! Truly a beautiful display!


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