Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick Sasha Update

What a difference a day makes! Sasha is still pretty groggy from the Lortab (blessed, blessed Lortab) but she's been eating pretty well and has discovered a new passion for Fig Newtons, as you can see from the picture.

We had a pretty decent night's sleep, despite the beeps and vitals checks and all of the other lovely things that they do all night in the hospital. Everybody seems optimistic that we'll be able to go home today, so we'll see how that all turns out.

Sasha has one stitch that they'll remove today that's keeping her tongue from falling to the back of her mouth with all of the swelling (this is standard - it's the string you can see coming out of the side of her mouth). After that, they'll decide if she's healthy enough to go home! We definitely appreciate your prayers for rest and recovery. The folks here at Primary Children's have been great, but there's no place like home.


Jennifer M said...

Wow, she looks great. She looks a wee bit groggy in the pic still, but overall amazing for a little kid who went through two surgeries and a painful evening, and is still in the hospital. Hooray for fig newtons. :-)

Praying for you guys that Sasha is ready to be released today, and that the hospital is able to process the departure.

Karen said...

Wonderful to see Sasha up and eating. Praying she's well enough to leave today—nothing beats sleeping in your own crib. Thanks for the update.

ault family said...

What a trooper! I wonder what she is thinking about all of this?!

Fig Newtons ehh? Yummy! :)

Lou Ann said...

Children are just amazing - aren't they? She knows you love her and are there to take care of her so she trusts you to do whats right. That leaves her free to enjoy a new passion - fig newtons!!

She looks wonderful and I'm sure you'll all get more rest when you are home. I'm praying that will be today.

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Lisa and Thal said...

What a little trooper!!! We have been thinking of you. Glad to hear things went well and as well for the two of you as possible.

Smith Fam said...

Yahoo! So good to see her and know that things are going well. Still praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

what a super trooper -- she's gonna be better than ever ... you and Steve will recover in a few months ;)


Susan said...

Sasha is a brave lil soldier..just like you. :)
so glad she is doing so well.


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