Friday, May 1, 2009

Poultry Update

We snapped some cute photos of the chicks this week and are proud to inform y'all that no chicks were harmed in the making of this blog post, despite how it may look.

"Look, Mom, when I throw Slime Tree into the air, he can fly!"
Although I have to admit that I think he looks kinda majestic in flight (for a chicken dyed green)

Sasha mimics her older brother perfectly as she tosses Slime Tree into the air, except that her chicken is kinda facing the wrong direction.

Wow, Sam takes his chicken wrangling really seriously! And I thought Slime Tree looked majestic!

Finally - a picture of a child gently enjoying the chicks!


Lou Ann said...

I'm sorry Jamie but really. How can an animal named Slim Tree look majestic?

ault family said...

Love it! Keep those chick stories and pictures coming! :)

Anonymous said...

Ya know, if Slime Tree has too many training missions, he may take to the air on his own and fly for freedom. Just a thought:) Happy that his landing pad is grass and not the concrete drive-way. Gramma


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