Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting to Know You

The first few days were admittedly rocky, but after the initial "get that big hairy thing the heck away from me!" Sasha and Nesbitt first came to a tenuous peace and now are fast friends. Granted, all that Nesbitt needs in order to become endeared to another are a few food offerings, which Sasha is happy to supply, but it warms the heart to see them loving each other so well.

Sasha has also mastered the sign for "dog" (slapping your thigh, as if calling a dog to you) and her own version of a dog noise (sounds rather like a chimpanzee to me, but she reliably makes it whenever she hears a dog barking so I finally caught on to her interpretation of the bark).

I just hope that Sasha doesn't get the dog flu after giving Nesbitt full-on-the-mouth kisses.


Selena said...

Adorable! No other words exist to express the love between a child and their pet : )

Jessica and Chris said...

That is the sweetest thing ever :) Boy I sure hope she doesn't get the dog flu. You guys will have to be on the news for sure! hahaha

The Fox Den said...
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The Fox Den said...

Dog flu... to funny! I'm glad that Sasha has fallen in love with this member of your fam. Thankfully it was pratically love at first sight with everyone else! (Sorry, I deleted my first post b/c of a mis-spelled word :)

Susan said...

we have a big dog too...a 96 lb labradoodle named Miles. I was a bit worried about him and Leeza-but there was NO need. they are fast friends and I have a great "kissy kissy" shot of them too. Leeza STANDS on top of him and he lets her do it. I am amazed at what he tolerates from her...however-she is constantly feeding him not only his own food, but her snacks as well-so i think they have come to a mutual understanding. :)


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