Friday, May 22, 2009

May Flowers

After all of those April Showers, I feel compelled to post some May Flowers photos before the month is over! Here's our lovely, green back yard (this is a double-edged sword for Steve... green is healthy and fun to play in, but also means that the lawn mower has to run far more frequently) complete with apple blossoms and hanging baskets.

The lilacs outdid themselves this year and were simply beautiful. I love the way they perfume the whole back yard, although I'll confess that I had to immediately throw out the bunch that I brought inside because they sent Steve and me into sneezing fits. Oh well, they're prettier on the bush than they are in a vase anyway.


The Fox Den said...


Kim said...

Wow - you have a beautiful yard. Lilacs are my favorite!


Butch and Tracy said...

I love the purple all over.. looks like my backyard. I love lilacs. We have a bush at our dinning room window. Makes the house smell GREAT!

sandyamstar said...

I love the lilacs!!! Ours were very sad this year (it's their first year transplanted here) but your beautiful bushes give me hope!!!


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