Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Strep and Stress

Our adjustment to life with Sasha has been really, really good, but there is a huge difference between "really good" and "really easy." Hitting the ground running with a two-year-old who is trying with all her might to catch up physically, emotionally, and developmentally is challenging, especially for two parents who had adjusted to the cushy lifestyle of five- and eight-year-old, independent boys! Sasha needs lots of love and care (and supervision), which is awesome but also pretty tiring.

This weekend was a freaking nightmare – Steve was battling his second case of strep in as many months, Rainy was having engine problems and needed to be put back together after her recent paint job (that blog post is coming), the garage door broke (the direct result of the Rainy work), and our computer decided that it was thoroughly disinterested in an OS upgrade and would rather be completely reformatted. And then I got sick Sunday night (I curse the strep fairy!) and spent most of yesterday shivering uncontrollably and wishing for death to come swiftly. All while I'm supposed to be prepping for a big meeting with my CEO bright and early Monday morning. I'm feeling a lot better now that I've been on antibiotics for 24 hours, incidentally.

And we still haven't finished our Mother's Day presents for our amazing moms, Sasha hasn't had her birthday portrait taken, and I haven't even written my birthday entry for her in her journal. Don't even think about looking at our overgrown yard or unkempt gardens or unpruned trees or untrimmed bushes. And how is it possible that every time we empty the dishwasher there's already another full load of dishes piled up in the sink?

Our new life as a party of five is amazing, but it's also a whole lot of hard work. Have I mentioned lately how incredible my stay-at-home hubby is? Truly, he is an amazing man. His job is far more challenging than mine and he doesn't even get sick days (trust me, he could have used some over the past month)!

If you have newly adoptive parents in your life, take extra special good care of them. It is so easy to get completely overwhelmed. For us, it's like all of the adjustments of a three-month-old baby and then piling on the fact that she can walk, talk, empty every drawer she can get her paws on, and throw a heck of a fit when we won't let her eat the dog food. No wonder we collapse into bed, exhausted, at 9:30!


Kristen said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!


Mommy to Annika, waiting for #2

Anonymous said...

No problem!!!!! Help is on the way I'm sending Scott!!!!!!!!

Beckstrom Family said...

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys.
The Beckstrom's

Lou Ann said...

9:30!!!!You lucky dog! I can't even get Lexie to slow down enough by 9:30 to call it her bed time. I have to admit our first few months home are a complete blur. I have to go back to read my blog to remember how we spent it. I know for a fact that if my Mom hadn't been staying with us, the house would have never been dusted let alone vacuumed or any kind of dinner on the table. So try to feel better and don't worry about the formal portrait. It will be 2 years since our Metcha Day this month and I still don't have a formal picture of her. The only professional photographer Lexie has been in front of is one wearing an elf suit or an Easter Bunny outfit. Okay now I am feeling guilty. I guess I'll call the studio tomorrow.
Thanks Jamie!
Lou Ann & Lexie too

Laura said...

I hear ya! We had 4 months with just two kids, and I thought that transition was difficult... Whoa nelly! Adding a third child, however sweet & plump she may be, turns the house into a circus.

It's been six months since we've been a family of 5, and although the Crazy is a bit better, it's here to stay.

Dinner/bath is nutters when Bob is away - I play a kid version of the fox, duck, and bag of corn for bath, bottle/snuggle, and story reading time.

It's fun, but you're right.. a ton of work. I do hope y'all shake the Strep, that adds a level of ick you really don't need right now.

We're thinking of you! Take care.

Silvia said...

Hi Jamie
I fully agree with you, there is a huge difference between "really good" and "really easy."
I feel the same stress than you. I'm also computer enginer and sometimes I have to work at home. Then my son Alfredo(Sascha in Karaganda)becomes like "The Exorcist" girl (did you see the movie?)claiming all my attetion.
By the way, your Sascha is really cute. I remember her in Karaganda: she has always many bogies and she cried a lot. Onetime, the baby keepers dressed children up as "Matriuskas" with a scarf and she was really funny :-)

Jennifer M said...

"Really good" and "really easy." I will have to remember that distinction because it is so true.

I hope you guys are feeling better soon. Sorry to hear about the strep- such a horrible sickness.

Wish we lived closer so we could help out with the yard work at least.

kitzkazventure said...

You described what it is like coming home with an active toddler vs. a baby so well. We came home with a just turned 3 year old and were first time parents. I got so many...oh, well at least you skipped the "------" period or well, I guess, it is easier! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Introducing a toddler to a new world, easier! ;) They have nooooo idea! Nick grew 5 inches in the first year so this also gave him access to the countertops....Oh my goodness it has been a crazy ride! I really get the Sooo good but not Soooo easy! :) I can't imagine having 2 more precious ones to care for also! Watching Nick was a 24/7 mission! You go Girl and wonderful stay at home hubby! It is an adventure!

Anna said...

I feel your pain. Since we can go from none to 5 in a few hours there is no way to prepare, you just hang on and hope you are able to endure the trials that come.
Parents are blessed - I am convinced that God takes away a little of the fatigue, sickness, etc so we can keep on going.
Hope you all feel better soon!

Selena said...

I hope you and Steve are healthy soon! Hang in there - you have had a ton of life changes in the past few months. You are doing great!

Good luck with your big meeting!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, a two year old running rampent everywhere, strep germs playing havoc with everyone, cars on the fritz, three kids to shepherd...why does this sound so familiar??? Oh now I remember! Take heart...this too shall pass...it may take 20 years...but it shall pass:) Love, Gramma


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