Saturday, May 16, 2009

Robin Watch

There's an aspen tree right outside of Sam and Ben's window and a few weeks ago the boys cam running down the stairs to gleefully announce that there was a bird nest outside! They've been watching the nest from their window and eventually identified the bird in question as an American Robin, thanks to a songbird book that Sam has from long ago (here's a photo of Grammy, Ben, and Sam on a robin stakeout). I'm actually pretty impressed that they could figure out the bird's species from the toddler board book on birds - I wasn't giving that book enough credit for its educational value!

And lo and behold, a few days ago the boys had a new discovery - evidently there were eggs in the nest (we couldn't see in very well, so we didn't know that) and now there are three robinlets! We've had lots of fun watching the scrawny baby robins crane their necks and peep about asking for food. We're not exactly sure how three baby robins and a rather large mama robin all fit in that nest together - it must be cozy!

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