Friday, May 15, 2009

Sam the Author

Lately Sam has really gotten into nomenclature books at school. They're little subject-based books that he makes, illustrates, authors, and proudly brings home to show off. Most of his creations so far are about the parts of something, such as the parts of a seed or a tortoise or a nematode (an unsegmented wormy thing, I came to learn).

Here's Sam's explanation:
Nomenclature books are pretty much books that you identify what color the covers are supposed to be by the rim of the book that you're copying from. Blue stands for geography, and red stands for zoology, and green stands for botany, black stands for geometry, and yellow stands for history.

I do nomenclature books cause they're not too hard, but good work. There's a picture on one page and a sentence on the other. Each page describes a part of what you're writing about in the nomenclature book. Drawing the pictures isn't too hard depending on what the book is.
Did that explanation clear it up for you? Oh well, at least it was an amusing little discourse on nomenclature books.

Here's my favorite book so far: Fundamental need of Humans: Defense. Just check out the cover illustrations of military technology through the ages - inspirational! I'm not totally sure what the flying tongue there under "Defense" is supposed to be, but I'm inspired nonetheless. My child will soon surpass me in artistic ability.

This is my favorite page from Fundamental need of Humans: Defense. It reads: perhaps the most important of the ancient greek weapons was the hoplite or foot soldier. No, I'm not totally sure what that means, either, but it's got a killer (heh heh, get it? killer?) illustration. Great work, Sam!


jody said...

we've got a couple authors and illustrators at our house, too, and it is always fascinating reading material!! my oldest has been working on a fashion magazine she is publishing someday-it is over 100 pages long at this point!!! but she has worked on it for months so it is great to see her so into something :) so glad things went well with Sasha, and i hear you on the crazy hospital times-it is so great to be OUT!!!

Jo Gram said...

The amazing thing is that the first one took ages to complete (I'm talking weeks), but recently he has seriously gotten his nomenclature groove on. Even so, seeing them laid out like that is astonishing even to ME - I had no idea he had done so many!

marymary said...

"Fundamental Need of Humans: Defense" might be the best book title I've ever heard.

Susan said...

wow..he is so smart!!! Kids are must be so proud. He is so cute too! :)


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