Monday, May 18, 2009

A Fond Farewell to the Chicks

Our two remaining chicks, Slime Tree and Siniy, have moved on to a better place. It amuses me to no end to tell the kids that we took the chicks to a nice farm in the country and really mean it!

We decided that it was time to get rid of the chicks because:
  1. They had grown to the size of small raptors and were constantly getting out of their "coop" (cardboard box)
  2. They could run so fast that Sasha could no longer catch them to try and squish their little heads as she "loved" them (no idea why they learned to flee so swiftly!). This was very frustrating to her
  3. With Sasha's surgery coming we wanted to remove one more complication from our lives
  4. They stank
So on Wednesday morning before Sasha's surgery we released them into the yard for one more play time/photo session before saying goodbye. I'm not sure how, but Sasha managed to corral the chicks into the house. Much hilarity ensued as she "helped" Steve get the chicks back outside. Then we scooped the chicks back into their box and they were off to their nice new home in the country!

They were good chickens. I hope they make good eggs. And if not, I hope they make good chicken nuggets. Just kidding! Everybody knows that egg-layers make for lousy eating :)


Butch and Tracy said...

LOL... it is great that they went to a better place... FOR REAL.

Susan said...

They stink and they are the size of raptors..YOU CRACK ME UP.

They really did get

They kinda remind me of the "SUPER COOL SURPRISE CHRISTMAS GIFT" that Sean's big brother got Sean when Sean was 4. It was a lil turtle...that are illegal to buy unless you find a "guy in a van" on the side of the road because you CAN get salmonilla from them.

I wasn't thrilled but Sean was.
However...the lil water aquiramium always stunk (even the day after we cleaned it out) and i'd walk in to this HORRENDOUS smell and I'd be like, OH MY GOSH, WHAT IS THAT..and sean would say "it's batman turtle mom"

He also got big and big and big and stank worse and worse, so I told Sean that Batman turtle would be happier in the pond down the street. He happily concurred.


no more turtles.

He then begged for hamsters, and guinea pigs, which I also despise because "i don't do rodents"
He proceeded to get a hamster book from the library and read it outloud in the car, and there was an entire chapter devoted to "hamster reproduction"
yes-that was fabulous. :)


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