Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jamie in London

I'm in London for the week for work, which is cool but I believe immediately disqualifies me from any "Parent of the Year" awards - those will all have to go to Steve for single-handedly wrangling our critters for a whole week! Of course, the work aspect of the trip tends to cut into my sightseeing time significantly, but I did have some time to tool around Sunday since our plane landed at 8 am and I had to stay awake somehow!

For only having a couple of hours to tour about, I think I covered quite a bit of ground. At least, my legs sure told me so the next day :) Here are a few choice shots of the day:
The obligatory phone booth shot

Big Ben and the Westminster Bridge (that one's for you, Ben! And, yes, I did get a box of sweets shaped like Big Ben just as you requested!)

London Bridge (I didn't make it into the Tower of London, but at least I did see the bridge)

St. Paul's Cathedral, where I couldn't help but sing the Little Old Bird Woman song from Mary Poppins. I watched a lot of Mary Poppins as a child and it served me well as research material for my afternoon in London, much like Mulan helped me in China.

The Globe Theater at intermission - I caught a lovely matinee of Romeo and Juliet and pined away for my own star-crossed lover

I'm spending the week in Aylesbury, a little town about an hour outside of London. I don't have any great photos of Aylesbury yet since I spend the vast majority of my time in not-particularly-scenic conference rooms, but you will be happy to know that I got a healthy dose of English countryside tonight at dinner as I ate bangers and mash at a local pub. Now if only I could shed my horrendous American accent, I would blend perfectly with the locals :)


Jennifer M said...

Very cool! Thanks for the pics! Your comment about Mary Poppins made me laugh. Have fun!

Amanda said...

Just found your blog we are just about finished with our dossier, many years ago I lived in Aylsbury it was a really nice town I am English but have lived in CT for 20 years,

All 3 of your children are so cute.


Lou Ann said...

Okay, now I have to ask you Jamie, what do you do and do you need an assistant!?! lucky dog!

Lou Ann

Susan said...

how cool!!! I love your pictures and your fun attitude. :)

i think you are mother of the year..hey-a moms gotta do what a mom's gotta do..and you're bring home BIG BEN CHOCOLATES.

Can you be MY MOM?


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