Friday, May 29, 2009

Mom, Look What We Can Do!

If you have boys, you know that the words, "Mom, look what we can do!" insight only fear and dread. You pray that whatever new discovery they're going to show off a) includes no incendiary devices, b) is legal in the majority of the lower 48 states and c) will be survived by at least one and preferably all children involved.

Here was today's feat:Ok, I've gotta admit, that one's pretty cool. I do not, however, want to know how they discovered that they could accomplish this acrobatic display.


Joby and Marla said...


They are just so cute :)

Sasha is never going to have a dull moment.

Susan said...

looove it. :)

sandyamstar said...

Wow!!! I'm thinking it's Ben's new hair cut that allowed this trick to work. So is the next step for them to flip or should I not even go there? I'm slowly learning that boys are definitely more "acrobatic" than girls... Xave did a forward flip off a chair (on purpose I think!) and didn't understand why we rushed to "save" him!!


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