Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall has Fallen

We have just the right number of trees in our yard - enough to make a decent leaf pile in the autumn, but not so many that you think violent thoughts every time there's a wind gust that knocks more leaves off of the semi-naked branches.

Our boys take their leaf-jumping pretty seriously. Sasha enjoyed observing her brothers' antics but remained unsure about the whole "leaping into the leaves" thing and preferred brandishing her rake at each leaf that dared try escape the pile. That was fine with us since she just had a bath and I'm pretty sure that wet hair + rolling in leaves = ick.

Ben decided that it was a pity to have a tree so close to the leaf pile and not combine the two, so he used his tree climbing strategy to take the experience to a new level. We photographed the entire first attempt for your amusement:

1. Preparation and show of strength
2. Dangling from the limb to better line up for the drop
3. Ben in mid-fall
4. "That was awesome!"

Repeat steps 1-4 ad infinitum

1 comment:

Lou Ann said...

Hey will you send them to my house after they finish your yard? I don't have nearly as many leaves but not as many helpers either?

I got your post on my blog of course now it seems to be fine. You know how it goes. Just when you ask for help the darn think works or go to the doctor and "it" gets better or the car won't make that noise when you pull into the machenics. But thanks so much for the offer.

Lou Ann & Lexie too


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