Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sell Your Stuff

Steve and I are about halfway through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and it's been a really great opportunity to talk about our financial plans for the next years and decades. If you have the chance to take the 12-week course, I definitely recommend it.

Anyway, inspired by FPU, I decided to sell our CDs this week. Not the CDs we listen to, but the hundreds of CDs that have been collecting dust in the basement for a decade. It's mostly mid-90's fare - R.E.M., Tom Petty, Indigo Girls - stuff that we have on multiple compilations and hardly ever listen to anyway. So far, I've netted $136 in FYE credit (For Your Entertainment, it's a local music/movie/video game store) and $21 on, one of the world's greatest websites. Yes, I think it's slightly bizarro that a store would pay me $9 for the Les Mis soundtrack that I worshiped in middle school or that somebody out there in Plano Texas bought The Thomas Crown Affair Soundtrack for $5.71, but I'm grateful to them!

If you'd like to visit our store to marvel at the crap that we purchased in our teen years, here's the URL:

-LATE BREAKING NEWS- Van Morrison's Hymns to the Silence just sold for $21.95 plus shipping! God bless America.

(and, no, the photo has nothing to do with the post, but Sam took this sweet picture of me and Chorney this week and I thought I'd include it in this blog entry)


Faire1 said...

Chorney??? How does one pronounce this name???

Jstar said...
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Jstar said...

Well, her full name is Chornaya and it's Chorney for short - like "chor" rhymes with "pour" + knee. Here's her introductory post: and it goes on from there :) You can read all of Chorney's posts at


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