Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Pumpkin

Our pre-Halloween week was a little hectic, what with the creation of phenomenal costume masterpieces and all, and pumpkin carving fell to the bottom of the priority list. But Halloween day was just so lovely and we ended up with some free time in the afternoon, so we figured, what the heck? and a-pumpkin hunting we did go.

There's a house near us that sells pumpkins out of their front lawn... wait, that came off sounding weirder than it really is... well, on second thought, maybe covering your front lawn with pumpkins for sale is actually a pretty odd thing to do. Weirdness aside, on Saturday we wheeled the wagon on over to the pumpkin house and made our selections - and at bargain-basement prices, no less! Apparently prices dip considerably on pumpkins on Halloween day.

Sasha was thrilled with the whole adventure, and it gave her a good chance to show off her new Croc boots (adorable!). She insisted on pushing the wagon most of the way home, which was good because I think that the effort helped her work off some of the sugar buzz from the day before, to make room for the sugar buzz coming that evening.

Sam and Ben did high-quality and blessedly independent jobs planning and carving their pumpkin creations, although Daddy did have to clean out the pumpkin guts:And we ended up with a very festive doorstep on Halloween night!

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