Sunday, November 1, 2009

Natural Ewoks

Not to be outdone by Sam's extraordinary AT-ST costume, Ben and Sasha were way into their Return of the Jedi garb. In fact, I think it is possible that in an alternate universe, Benjamin and Alexandra Morningstar actually are Ewoks - they were that good.

Ben fully embraced his Wickett persona, complete with acrobatics and tree climbing. Lots of acrobatics and tree climbing. I am proud to say that his costume was more than up to the challenge - two days full of activity have produced nary a popped seam (there are some sticky patches of fur, but I blame Starburst, not the seamstress, for those).

This may inspire me to do more than one sewing project every four years. Maybe.

And Sasha was the sweetest little Ewok in town, running around in her little fur suit yelling "neep-cha!" and "gan goo!" (thank you) every time her cuteness was rewarded with candy. She was a little unsure about this whole Halloween/costume/trick-or-treat thing in the beginning, but once she began to see the flood of M&M's and Kit Kats heading her way she became a huge fan of the holiday!

One more Sasha "first" to add to the list - what do you think she's going to think of her first Christmas in a couple of months?!?


Jessica and Chris said...

I love it! What a great Ewok! I would have to say that the twins were a little unsure at first too but after the first time dressing up at school and getting candy they would call their costumes: trick or treat! I am so glad Sasha had a great first Halloween!

Smith Fam said...

Okay, having seen Ben and Sasha, I've been convinced: Ewoks ARE cute. Did they tie ropes around Sam the AT-ST's legs and trip him up? I mean, that is what Ewoks, do...right? And also what little siblings do to big brothers...right?

Lou Ann said...

Way cute and I'm very proud of you for pulling out the sewing machine Jamie. Like you I seriously thought about it.....just before I pushed the BUY button online when I ordered Lexie's costume! But now I feel guilty since I see how cute yours were AND they made with love by Mom instead of by someone in a sweat shop in Mexico - yikes. Now I really do feel guilty and will be pulling out the machine for a Christmas outfit. I just hope the machine still works.

So glad to hear Sasha had a great first Halloween. But with Big Ewoks & Machinary for big brothers how could she not?

Veronica said...

You have wonderful and beautiful children!
Your Move Networks blog stalker is still keeping up with the Morningstar adventures!!!

Sweet, sweet Ewoks!


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