Monday, November 16, 2009

Sasha's Hair

Since we're on a girly theme, let's talk about Sasha's hair.

Now, you have to remember that when we met in January, Sasha's haircut was rather extreme. I understand the practicality of short hair in the baby house, but we've been working hard at not cutting her hair for the past few months... actually, now that I think about it, no-haircuts seems to be a theme in my ruffian household.

When Sash acquiesces to leaving a barrette in her hair it's really quite manageable, not to mention adorable. We haven't ventured beyond barrettes yet because I can't imagine Sasha sitting still long enough for me to put a braid and rubber band in her hair. I'm sure the day will come soon enough, and I do wonder if a rubber band would stay in place better. At least it would be harder for little hands to tug out of place.

So, most of the time Sasha ends up looking like a sheep dog in need of grooming, as is the way of Morningstar children's hair. I keep thinking that as it grows out, her hair will train itself to keep out of her eyes. This is looking like wishful thinking, but we're not giving up yet and we're not giving her a haircut! I'm so proud of our little girl's new locks, and eventually Mom and Dad will figure out how to keep her hair long and lovely and out of her eyes :)


The Fox Den said...

She doesn't need one. She's so cute!!

marymary said...

Ah ha ha. I broke down a few days ago and finally cut Ellen's hair, because even with an elastic in place (after chasing her around the house for several minutes and finally clamping her in a vice-like grip for long enough to get it in), her hair in front always wound up wriggling its way out and hanging down over her eyes. Well, it's nice to be reminded how pretty her eyes are, but the haircut didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped and now I'm still chasing her around the house with the elastics because otherwise she looks too much like "Friar Ellen."

Sasha is adorable.

By the way, I've been reading all your posts and commenting in my head, but not in actuality. Why do I do that? I do at least need to say: The AT-ST costume was THE BOMB.

Shelley said...

Good luck. My mom kept my hair short growing up. It had a tendency to grow forward which meant it was always in my eyes with the whole sheep dog look. She is adorable.


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