Friday, November 6, 2009

A Girl on a Mission

So, the other night, Steve was hanging out with the youth kids and I was home with our clan watching Monsters Inc. Sash decided that she was done with the movie and headed upstairs right as Randall was chasing Sully and Mike through the land of doors. Since I've only seen the movie about 400 times and have no idea how it ends, I was compelled to continue watching and since I could hear her moving around upstairs so I was pretty sure no harm had befallen her. Five minutes later, Sully and Boo had been reunited and I came upstairs to find this - my little girl, perched ever-so-proudly atop the kitchen counter.

She must have climbed up the drawers, that's the only way we can figure she got up there. Don't stand in this girl's way when she decides she wants something!


Sumptuous Stitching said...

Oh no!!! That's not good! LOL!!!


Joby and Marla said...

Kobe is climbing up on tables & countertops too. He thinks it is a game to be able to climb somewhere he isn't suppose to be plus he has learned to open the front door. It makes life interesting!!!!

Our Kaz cuties are awesome even if they like to be little monkeys!!!!

Holly said...

I love the look of glee on her face!

Anonymous said...

Smile while I take a picture. Now never do that again!!

Smith Fam said...

Way to go, Sash! Do NOT let your parents get bored.

Scott and Paula said...

LOVE the look of sheer glee on her face! It's as if she wanted to say "look what I can do!"


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