Tuesday, November 24, 2009

P is for Pigtails

We are making considerable headway in girlyhairland - today I came home from work to find my baby in pigtails! They were completely adorable for the five minutes they lasted and I have renewed hope that we will, some day, learn to keep Sasha's hair out of her eyes.

Progress with the letter p, however, is not moving along as swiftly as we had hoped when we first blogged about it almost two months ago. Speech therapy is hard, frustrating work!

Sasha's general communication skills continue to grow by leaps and bounds, but her mouth hasn't caught up with her brain yet. Two months of intensive work on p has resulted in a very clear "puh" as long as she whispers it an doesn't try to pair it with any other vowel sounds. Up is still "uck," apple is "aggl," and purple starts with a b. We know that she'll learn to use that palate eventually, but for now p is our nemesis.

Sheesh - nobody told us that teaching our child English phonemes with a reconstructed mouth was going to be so much work! Good thing we have the adorable pigtails to keep us going.


Selena said...

Sash in pigtails is pure joy!

Allison said...

Good luck with the pigtails! I'm still trying and my daugher is 5. SIGH. I'm convinces she doesn't like them because I want her to have them so badly. LOL. I can't even beging to fathom the teen years. I will not give up!

Happy Thanksgiving.


The Fox Den said...

Love the look and that her hair is getting longer! If you use the ouchless small ponytail holders they are a little harder to take out themselves. Not much grib for young hands. Some girls love the way their hair looks with bows so it may be as easy as showing her how darn cute she is in the mirror!!! I remember her loving all of her dresses :)

Jennifer said...

They are truly some adorable pigtails on an adorable girl too! Love the little piggies!

Lisa and Thal said...

Oh, my gosh that is totally the cutest. We cut Z's hair, the back was just still not growing in. Will wait for summer. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

adorable!!! :)


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