Monday, November 23, 2009

Chorney at Six Months

Chorney turned six months old this week, so we decided it was time for some updated photos and a "big dog collar" complete with brass nameplate riveted right to it. Admittedly, the collar dwarfs her right now, but I think our puppy still has some growing in her before she hits her permanent size. With standard poodle and yellow lab genes, we think she'll get a bit bigger than her current size, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Chorney's shaping up to be one heck of a dog. She still has way too much energy, but such is the way of puppies. She has her "sit" down pretty well and we're working on not jumping when overexcited (when people come over, when she's let out of her kennel after we come home, or when the day ends in the letter y). She does her lab genes proud in the chewing department, but has managed to constrain the real damage to sticks and balls and rawhides. And McDonalds toys, she has a special soft spot in her heart (stomach?) for Happy Meal toys. It's hard to be mad at a dog when she helps us clean house of worthless junk.

And she's just an awfully nice dog, which we love. She is patient with Sasha's overenthusiastic "affection" and loves to snuggle. And she still thinks she's a lapdog, which is alternately cute and very annoying when both she Sasha decide that they should be my sole, very active, lap inhabitants.

And we just realized that Chorney is not completely black - our dog has a reddish chin! She had two chocolate brothers, so we figure that a little bit of the chocolate snuck in to her whiskers. I'm just glad that we know what be her fearsome pirate name - Red Beard the Labradoodle it is!

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Lyndsie said...

She looks so tall already! Chorney, what long legs you have my dear! Maybe its just relative to my smaller than usual sized Westie. Happy Thanksgiving Morningstars!


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