Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

That's Wickett/Ben for you. That looks good/very delicious! It really is deliciousness!

I did not eat the apple. No healthy red apple for me! I just decided to take off the caramel and eat it. Hey, caramel is really good! But, hey, so are yellow apples. But I hate red and green apples.


Editor's/Mommy's note: We had a great time hanging out with great friends on Halloween, chowing down on apples, pizza, and candy, and trick-or-treating (despite competing trunk-or-treating going on at the same time. Don't get me started on trunk-or-treat). Check out this festive crew - we are so grateful for our friends!


Mak said...

Ugh. I'm with you- down with trunk or treat!

Love, love love the costumes. You are wonderwoman!

Selena said...

Ben, I agree. The caramel was the best part!

Lou Ann said...

Hey what about Mom & Dad? What where you two?

E said...

We had no idea there was a trunk or treat in our neighborhood. The doorbell rang 3 times total.


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